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Pretty and Practical Eco-Friendly Glitter Alternatives

Pretty and Practical Eco-Friendly Glitter Alternatives

If you peruse the beauty aisle of any local store, you’ll see a rainbow of colors. Neutral foundations that match skin tone shades, bright lipsticks that add a pop of color to your look, and sparkly nail polish that will help you feel put together. The sparkly in any of those products, not just nail polish, comes from glitter. Unfortunately, the popularity of glitter doesn’t make it eco-friendly. It’s a micro-plastic that can easily harm the environment.

Some people still want the color and shine of glitter without hurting the environment. Try some of these pretty and practical eco-friendly glitter alternatives in a homemade manicure that helps you escape or any other form of creative beauty expression.

Flower Petals

While most flower petals aren’t naturally shiny, they are bursting with color. This is an excellent alternative if you’re more interested in the color that glitter provides than the shine. You can grow your own flowers if you have a green thumb, or buy fresh flowers and strip the petals off. Some people dry or dehydrate them before cutting or crushing them into a homemade beauty product, while others prefer the look of fresh flowers. For example, you can grind flower petals down to make your own colorful lipstick or use skin-safe glue to attach tiny flower petals to your eye makeup.


While sequins are often made of plastic, most are larger than glitter. This makes them easier to keep track of and throw away properly, so they don’t harm the environment. Sequins provide the same color and shine most people associate with glitter, which makes them an excellent alternative. Buy your choice of sequin color and shape, and then add them to your chosen beauty product. For example, you can cut sequins into smaller pieces to add to homemade nail polish or use lash glue to place sequins on your face with your makeup.

Mica Powder

Lastly, mica powder is one of the best pretty and practical eco-friendly glitter alternatives. When you learn more about the science behind glitter and what it’s made of, mica becomes an obvious choice instead. It’s natural, like flower petals, but also has the illustrious shine of sequins and glitter. You can find colorful or transparent mica powder and add this powder to any project, from homemade highlighter to those transporting manicures we mentioned above.

Finding glitter alternatives for your beauty products and other creative projects is a good way to care for yourself and the earth simultaneously.

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