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Tips and Tricks for Applying Lip Gloss Like a Pro

Tips and Tricks for Applying Lip Gloss Like a Pro

What makes a smile even more appealing? Glossy lips, of course! Lip gloss is a staple in every makeup bag that’s here to stay. However, many people struggle to achieve that perfect shimmery, glossy lip look. With the right advice, you can achieve the best application in no time. Look at these tips and tricks for applying lip gloss like a pro now!

Start With Smooth Lips

The first step to achieving a flawless gloss application is to have soft and smooth lips. Before applying lip gloss, exfoliate your lips with a sugar scrub to get rid of any dry and flaky skin.

Next, moisturize your lips with your favorite lip balm. When you have the right balance of softness and hydration, the gloss will glide on smoothly and your lips will retain moisture throughout the day.

Choose the Right Formula

The overall purpose of wearing lip gloss is to give your lips a lustrous appearance. However, not all glosses are the same, and finding a formula that suits your preference is important. Some finishes you can get include high shine, metallic, sheer, and matte.

Decide on the one you prefer, and narrow your search from there. For instance, opt for a clear or high-shine formula if you like a glossy finish. You can choose a tinted gloss if you want a subtle hint of color with a slight shimmer.

Apply With Precision

Use a lip brush instead of applying straight from the tube for an effortless application. The brush gives you control over the amount and placement of the gloss. You can outline your lips with the brush and fill the center. But if you prefer applying it straight from the tube, wipe off any excess product on the applicator before applying it.

Layer It Up

The beauty of lip gloss is that it’s buildable. Therefore, layering your product is a smart trick for applying lip gloss like a pro. Whether you want to create a barely-there natural look or a bold and glossy look, start with a thin layer and let it dry before applying another coat.

Pro tip: If you want to add more depth and shine, you can layer lip gloss over your favorite lipstick.

Keep It in Place

Lip gloss can move around after application, making it challenging to maintain a precise finish. To prevent this, use a lip liner to outline your lips before wearing the gloss. Another tip is to dab a little bit of translucent powder around the edges of your lips to prevent the gloss from smudging outside the lip line.

The right lip gloss application can bring an instant glow to your face and make your lips look fuller and plumper. Always refer to these tips and tricks to create a beautiful, long-lasting look. And don’t forget to flaunt your glossy lips confidently!

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