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How To Get Ready the Night of Your Prom Dance

How To Get Ready the Night of Your Prom Dance

Your first prom dance is one of the most exciting nights of your teenage life. Preparing for prom can take months of shopping, planning with friends, and making appointments. When the night of your prom dance arrives, you must decide how to get ready so that you’ll feel and look your best during this exciting time.

Eat and Drink Well All Day

With all the excitement that will come on the day of prom, some people think more about their outfits than taking care of themselves. However, the most important part of getting ready is making sure that you’re well-hydrated and properly fueled. Remember to drink water all day and include a serving of fruits or vegetables with every meal. Your body will feel ready to party all night long with this fuel.

Shower and Wash Your Face in the Morning

Regardless of who is doing your hair and makeup, both your hair and face should be clean. Take a shower the morning of prom and wash your hair with the appropriate products as needed. During or after your shower, wash your face with the appropriate products. Moisturize your face and body after your shower so that your skin is ready for the day. A daily skin-care routine is one of the first steps to take toward beautiful skin.

Apply an Extra Topcoat Over Painted Nails

Most people get their nails painted the night before or the morning of prom. Since there’s still lots to do between mani-pedis and the dance, you may want to apply an extra topcoat of protective polish. An extra topcoat will protect your nails throughout the day and throughout the dance.

Try On Your Outfit

The perfect prom night checklist includes budgeting in time to try on your outfit. While you should have tried everything on before the night of the dance in case you needed alterations, you need to try everything again the day of. Make sure everything looks good together, including your accessories. Give yourself time to make changes in case you don’t like the look.

Pack Your Bag and Leave

The last step of getting ready the night of your prom dance is to pack a bag. All prom-goers should pack a bag they feel comfortable carrying for the night so that they have easy access to their necessities. Always pack a fully charged cellphone and a wallet with your ID and cash. You can also pack helpful items, such as bandages and breath mints.

While prom is an important night, you shouldn’t feel nervous. Getting ready with these tips will guide you through your day and into the night of the dance.

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