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Tips for Helping Clients Keep Their Hair Healthy

Tips for Helping Clients Keep Their Hair Healthy

As a hair stylist, you understand more about hair health and the beauty industry than most of your customers. This knowledge helps you do your job well and gives you an insider advantage when caring for hair health. Hair health has become a popular trend due to social media influencers showing off their gorgeous locks, and many people are turning to stylists to help achieve those popular looks. Keep reading to learn some tips you can give clients to help them keep their hair healthy.

Help Pick Their Products

The world is full of hair products, each promising to work on a different hair type and provide miraculous results. As a professional stylist, you know exactly which products are the real deal and which are a waste of money. When a client comes to your salon asking about hair product options, take the time to explain which ones are best and why. If you have the product on hand, offer to use it on their hair so they can get first-hand experience before making a purchase. Some salons even sell these products since many clients want to take them home immediately. If your salon doesn’t sell them, know which stores nearby offer them so your clients can start using them as soon as possible.

Tips for Helping Clients Keep Their Hair Healthy

Keep a Regular Trim Schedule

Our bodies require maintenance, including our hair. Your clients already know that, but they may need to understand just how important it is to keep a regular trim schedule. Regularly trimming away the old hair follicles gives new, healthier follicles a better chance to grow. Remind your clients of this, and then start booking them on a regular schedule. People with shorter cuts will need a trim every six to eight weeks, and people with longer cuts will need a trim every two to three months. Depending on the type of cut and color they have, they may need you to remove weight with the right texturing shears and reapply color as well. Whatever they need, choose a consistent day and time and write it down on a card they can keep so they have something to remind them of the next appointment.

Write Down Reminders

Remembering to come for their next appointment isn’t the only reminder your clients might need to keep their hair healthy. They might also need you to remind them just how delicate their hair is and what they can and can’t do between appointments. Remind avid swimmers to wear swim caps to protect their hair and immediately rinse out the salt or chlorine after a swim. Remind them to use heated products like blow dryers and curlers sparingly, as excessive heat can damage hair. Remind them to brush their hair when damp using a wide-toothed comb. If there are other things that your client should avoid doing in their hair care routine based on other factors such as their hair type, remind them of that and write them down so they won’t forget.

Choosing the right products, keeping up with a regular trim schedule, and remembering all the little parts of hair care are essential to keeping hair healthy. While you can’t control your clients, you can help them take good care of their hair so they can stay on trend.

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