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What Are the Best Ways To Prevent Bedhead?

What Are the Best Ways To Prevent Bedhead?

Waking up with messy hair isn’t fun, especially when you don’t have time to style your locks. Fortunately, you can combat unruly tresses in the morning. Read the best ways to prevent bedhead so that you can avoid waking up with messy hair again!

What Is Bedhead?

Picture this: after a long night of sleep, you wake up and walk to the mirror. The first thing you notice is your hair in a disheveled mess. That’s bedhead. You wake up with unkempt hair caused by the friction between you and your pillows. Your hair tangles as you toss and turn. You may wake up with a weird part, unpleasant hair crimps, and stubborn tangles.

Afterward, you spend the morning combing and styling your hair to restore its original look. Although bedhead isn’t a huge issue, it’s still annoying. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this annoyance!

What Are the Best Ways To Prevent Bedhead?

Sleep With Dry Hair

Although you may have a habit of falling asleep with wet hair, don’t do it! Wet hair tangles easily, and it’s prone to breakage. Blow dry your hair before sleeping. But if you’re on a time crunch, wrap your hair in a soft T-shirt. The material soaks up moisture and keeps your locks in place.

Brush Your Hair Before Bed

Avoid knots by brushing your hair before bed. This will help you combat tangles and moisturize your hair. Natural oils transfer from the scalp to hair strands. The extra hydration prevents dry tresses. However, if you deal with dryness, get rid of dry scalp once and for all with vitamin-enriched products. These products add moisture without leaving an oily feeling on your head.

Invest in a Good Pillowcase

One way your pillowcase affects your skin and hair is that it creates frizz. Cotton and flannel pillowcases conduct static, making it easier to generate frizz. Your pillow may be why you wake up with a voluminous hairstyle when you sleep on that material. Fortunately, bamboo and silk pillowcases are soft fabrics that don’t cause friction. These fabrics are more expensive than cotton and flannel, but they’re worth the additional cost!

Wrap It Up

One of the best ways to prevent bedhead is to wrap your hair with a scarf or bandana. Silk scarves protect your hair from frizz and unnecessary breakage. Not to mention, scarves and bandanas are soft and comfortable! After brushing your locks, place the headpiece on and enjoy a restful night. Your hair will look amazing in the morning.

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