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6 Tips for Adding a Splash of Color to Your Wardrobe

6 Tips for Adding a Splash of Color to Your Wardrobe

When you find yourself wearing the same outfit every day, you may get bored of your closet. You have to find ways to spice it up! A great way to do this is by adding a splash of color to your wardrobe. Here are six tips for embracing bright shades and unique hues in each outfit!

Start With Your Favorite Color Palette

If you are hesitant to incorporate new colors into your wardrobe, start by taking inspiration from your favorite color palette. Whether you prefer earth tones, fresh pastels, or dark and cool colors, you can tailor your closet to your personal preferences and branch out from there.

Experiment With Patterns

Incorporating patterns is an easy way to add some interesting color combinations to any outfit! There are tons of patterns to choose from, and they each add something different. Here are some prints and designs to use when building your next look:

  • Polka Dots
  • Horizontal and vertical stripes
  • Florals
  • Animal Print

Mix and Match Shades

Now that you are getting comfortable with your colors, start to mix and match. Test out interesting combinations you may not have considered before, such as green and gold or teal and pink. Another idea is to pair different shades of the same color, like a navy skirt with a sky-blue sweater. Whatever you choose, have a bit of fun with it!

Wear Shoes With Fun Hues

Wear fun colors on your feet! Vibrant shoes can be a great way to add a pop of color to a neutral look. A fan favorite is pairing your favorite colored high heels with a sleek black dress.

Add a Bright Accessory

Another way to spice up a neutral outfit is by adding a colorful accessory. Accessories are great when you feel like your look needs a little something extra. For example, a trucker hat is a must-have addition to any basic, casual ensemble and can perk up your look with a bold color.

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

When you are sifting through your closet, try to put on something that got lost in the back. This can help you step out of your fashion comfort zone! You can make any outfit special with a bit of personality and confidence.

After reading about these six tips for adding a splash of color to your wardrobe, we hope you feel inspired to experiment with new hues! Remember that fashion is about your personal taste and preferences, so don’t be afraid to try something new. Your outfits will be all the better for it!

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