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Gift Ideas for the Makeup Guru in Your Life

Gift Ideas for the Makeup Guru in Your Life

Makeup gurus come from all walks of life. Whether you’re a makeup lover who’s trying to shop for a fellow guru or you don’t know anything about makeup, we can help you find the perfect present. Keep reading to find some great gift ideas for the makeup guru in your life.

Lighted Mirror

Most makeup gurus already have the makeup products that they need. Instead of trying to guess what they might need to replace soon or want to try, focus on getting them something that will make their makeup experience even better. Lighted mirrors make it easier for anyone to see and apply their makeup with perfect precision every time. They’re also helpful for skin care, such as placing pimple patches, so even if they need to take a break from wearing makeup, they can use your gift.

Silk Pillowcase and Eye Mask

Most pillowcases are cotton. While cotton is soft, it’s absorbent and slightly abrasive on delicate skin. That means you’re scraping your face while you sleep and sleeping on something dirty. While some people don’t mind this potential skin-care problem, the makeup and beauty guru in your life probably does, especially if they’re trying to care for their sensitive skin. Find out if they need a silk pillowcase, as it isn’t as abrasive or absorbent as cotton, and gift them one. To give them something extra special, pair it with a silk eye mask for ultimate relaxation and home-spa vibes.

Mica Powder

The ingredients list on the back of most makeup products is extensive and more people, including makeup gurus, are starting to lean toward natural or homemade products to avoid potential toxins. If the guru in your life is considering making their own makeup but doesn’t know where to start, gift them some mica powder for lip products. Mica is natural and safe for everything from DIY eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks, so your loved one can make whatever they want and trust that it’s safe.

These gift ideas will make the makeup guru in your life light up. They’re helpful without interfering with the makeup and skin-care routines they already have in place. Enjoy watching them open their gift this holiday season or for any other occasion.

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