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Tips for Making Your Wig Feel More Comfortable

Tips for Making Your Wig Feel More Comfortable

Wigs can amplify your everyday look in an instant. You won’t have to worry about styling your hair and can instead leave it up to a beautiful wig. You can go with any style, from a short pixie-length wig to a long, curly blonde look.

However, wigs can feel extremely uncomfortable after a couple of hours. Wig discomfort can stem from many things, including improper wig sizing, wig quality, and your scalp health. Read on to explore a few wig comfort tips so that you can enjoy more effortless wear and longer wear times.

Measure Your Head Beforehand

While it’s easy to put on any wig you find, ensuring that it fits starts with your head measurements. Ensure that you take the correct head measurements so that your wig fits properly. You’ll want to know measurements such as the circumference of your head, from your hairline to the nape of your neck, and across your forehead from ear to ear. Taking additional measurements can help you achieve a more precise fit.

There are three standard sizes of wigs: average, petite, and large-sized wigs. Average wigs measure between 21.23 to 22.5 inches, petite wigs measure from 20 to 21.5 inches, and large wigs measure from 22.5 to 24 inches. Your head measurements will help guide you in the right direction for wig sizing.

Tips for Making Your Wig Feel More Comfortable

Wash Your Wigs Regularly

Another way to make your wig more comfortable is by washing your wig. If you wear wigs regularly, you’ll notice that they can develop an unfavorable smell, make your scalp itch, and appear messy or tangled.

When washing your wig, you want to use wig-appropriate shampoo and conditioner. After washing them, you want to avoid wringing or blow-drying the hair. Instead, gently brush out the knots and tangles, then hang it up it dry.

Take Care of Your Natural Hair

Even with proper wig care, your natural hair could experience damage and dry over time. Ensure that you take the time to repair damaged hair by moisturizing and utilizing spa treatments to nourish your hair.

Wear a Wig Cap

When you wear a wig directly on your head, it can feel uncomfortable, itchy, or irritating on your scalp and skin. You can prevent irritation by wearing a wig cap, which protects your scalp and hair from wig friction.

Start by prepping and smoothing your natural hair, then slip the wig cap over your head. Once you apply the wig cap, you can easily place the wig over your head and have a protective barrier.

Wigs can either make or break your day, especially when they aren’t being cooperative. Remember to be patient and practice proper wig fitting, styling, and care so that you won’t have a headache.

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